Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

Kelk 2010 Portable: Create Professional Digital Arabic Calligraphy (Software pembuat kaligrafi arab)

If you are a lover of art, especially calligraphy art middle east, then this software is perfect for you. In this period, the writer or painter rather Arabic calligraphy is very rare, in a world dominated by art and electronic media. As an art, in the digital age now, more and more challenges facing the Arab calligraphy. Very few, if any, application software designed to assist the development of Arabic calligraphy, because Arabic handwriting is unique compared with Latin typo. Be thankful, existing software or software called “Kelk” artificial SinaSoft ( which is basically a Arab calligraphy software that allows you to arrange Arabic words and designs in several styles of Arabic calligraphy.This version supports silent preaching Diwani, Diwani jali, kufi, lahuri and mualla. Menus are more complete and stable. Support saves as adobe illustrator and pdf.

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