Kamis, 15 September 2011


TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations are the names received by the counterparts of Word, Excel and Powerpoint that form part of the Ashampoo Office suite. This complete pack of programs hasn't got much to envy to the Microsoft Office suite, and it is no way near as expensive.

The text processor TextMaker, the spreadsheet manager PlanMaker and the presentation editor Presentations are more than enough for any general user. What's more, all the files of the omnipresent Microsoft Office suite work perfectly with their homonym applications, so we won't have to worry about compatibility.

Another great advantage of Ashampoo Office, is that it allows to be installed on a Flash Memory USB pendrive, so that is can be taken anywhere and used on any computer without any problem. Among some of the other great features of this office suite we will find the possibility to print all our documents to PDF format, something very handy when we need to share a document but are worried that it may be tampered with.

Like any office suite that is worth speaking about, Ashampoo Office has a vast image library, forms and templates for all kinds of documents and it is even capable of making full use of DirectX for the effects that it adds to presentations.

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