Senin, 14 November 2011

CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner v4.2.6

CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner is a shareware application and is helpful in cleaning and repairing Windows registry related issues. The application is compatible for almost any Windows based operating system including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2008 and other legacy versions of Windows. The application also offers registry backup and restore feature which allows users to remain on the safer side if in case their registry completely fails. With the help of this feature, however users need to take proactive action by backing up their Windows registries as soon as they find the functioning of registry file at its best. When this is done, if because of any reason registry stops performing well or if users experience reduced performance of their PCs they can restore the registries easily and quickly with the help of CleanMyPC Registry Cleaner.



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There is application Digeus I recommend to use this software when there are problems with system. I also recommend to use Windows Tune Up Suite. It tweaks windows to perform better.

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